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HCCS (Hosted Contact Centre Services)

In today’s competitive world businesses need constant services to obtain higher standard and reach out to the global customer. For fulfilling this and eliminating the investment on procuring, installing and managing the contact centre and network infrastructure we have come up with HCCS or hosted contact centre services. Our HCCS ,built on OPEX model offers its customers a global contact centre experience. These are combined with demand solutions with value added transport services and next generation contact centre suite. The key features of our HCCS are the flexible services in a cost effective way, integration capabilities for multi site contact centres. This make an alternative for premise based solutions apart from the differentiated enhanced features like multi site routing, load balancing and Intelligent Network (IN) capabilities. This is useful for customers of different business sizes by integrating multi location geographies. Many transport topologies are supported by our HCCS. It enhances the business continuity capabilities and thus helps in improved utilisation of existing TDM contact centre infrastructure.