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E1 Direct Inward Dialling System

This service provide 30 digital channels over a 4 wire system.

The main advantages of E1 DID service are

  • Direct Line for Every User

Every employee have a direct contact line on which they can be contacted without going through an operator.

  • Digital Quality

High voice quality without any break in the line.

  • Saving on Recurring Quality

Callers can reach directly to the employee without passing through an operator. No rentals.

  • Higher up time with lesser wires

You will be provided with 30 channels through only 4 wires.

  • Direct Line Number Display (DLND)

Your direct number is displayed to the caller which make it easy to identify.

  • Enhanced Service Availability

In case of failures the ring architecture provide automatic recovery of traffic.

  • No congestion on line

With E1 DID your call will be connected through first available free channel from a group of channels.